Saturday, April 9, 2022

Calming down your active toddler

Calming down your active toddler

Pausing and counting till 5 helps us moms to realize what has just happened and take control of a situation in a positive way. Don't rush into getting angry , shouting, yelling and lastly hitting your child for tantrums thrown. Stay calm, take a deep breath and divert their attention to calm them down. 

I have an extremely active toddler and he needs to be busy and kept occupied all the time. It's challenging and tiring as well. But we need to keep up to their endless demands and deal with them in a positive way. 

These are a few tried and tested ways to calm him down when he is too active or before bedtime. It works miracles and calms him down and settles his thoughts. 

Sand play - Sand play is a sensory play that calms down the child in multiple ways. 

🏖Enhances fine and gross motor skills.
⛱️Improves the language and level to express what they are doing. 
🏖It enhances emotional awareness and 
Introduces concepts of early math in a play way. 
🏖It sparks the creativity in children, they think what they want to make and use their imagination as there is no right or wrong involved.

Toddlers are exploring all the time and learning through their experiences. They do this in many different ways for example, by talking, using  noises and playing with everything other than their toys.

Building blocks - This play offers  open ended and creative play to children. It offers them freedom to explore, take apart and put back together any block-based creation they can think of. There are multiple benefits to be gained from this simple activity.

Blocks offer Problem-solving skills and is a great platform to develop reasoning  and working to develop a solution.

Painting - Painting allows a child to pour their thoughts and emotions on paper. Allow them to paint and play soft music, this have immense calming effect on the child. Follow this activity by a warm water bath before bedtime. 

Hugging their favorite soft toy🧸 It's important to support your child while they calm down. 

Hugging their favorite soft toy 🧸 Children love soft toys and its a way they can show affection and love. He enjoys taking his favorite soft toy to bed, hugs and cuddles it and this has a soothing and calming effect on my child.