Sunday, March 27, 2022

Reading to your child- Why is it so important.

Reading to children - Why is it so important. 

The correct age to start reading to your child is right from conception. That's when they understand every word their mother speaks to them. Let books be your child's best friend and make reading interesting and fun right the very start. 

Young children are like a sponges that soak in practically everything from their environment. What they see, hear and observe around them. Specially during story time, their minds are at work, taking in the language they hear and learn words and lessons the characters in the story teach. A wonderful way to make your child learn in an interesting way is reading books. 

Reading to your child at any age boosts their brain development and the bond. And all it takes is few books, self motivation, time and happy mind to get started with the story session.

We are currently reading - The Great Timbuktu Rescue 
Written by Neha Jain and beautifully illustrated by Rajyasree Sarkar 

The personalized name of my child on the first page just stole my heart ❤
Also his name appears as a character in the book so that kept his interest throughout. He enjoyed the situations where the problem solving was involved and learnt a lot through that. 
Reading helps children and toddlers 
📕build and improve their conversation skill
📕improve their knowledge 
📚 build interest in gaining information
📚 improve their problem solving skills
📕 most important builds a special bond between the parents and the child

Books are our children's best friend, it's best to expose them to a variety of different books and let them explore 

Head over to their website to grab a book from their collection.