Monday, January 24, 2022

Republic Day 2022 - India themed activities and crafts for kids

Republic Day 2022 -  India themed activities and crafts for kids. 

Tri-color dress code or traditional wear - 
This allows children to  imbibe the different cultures of our country and brings in a feeling of unity. Dress up and learn the colors of the flag in a fun way. 

Draw / Color / Paint our national flag.
No matter what you have planned for this day. Allow your child / children to start the day by making our Indian flag. Give them colors/ paints / pom poms / colored paper and let them use their imagination and recreate the Indian flag. Show a demo of the colors of our flag and teach them the significance of each color.
saffron colour indicates the strength and courage of the country. 
White indicates peace and truth. 
Green represents the fertility, growth, and auspiciousness of our land. 
Sing the national anthem together after making the Indian flag 🇮🇳
Once they complete making their flag, remember to click their picture with them holding their flag.

Watching the Republic Day parade on television and having a pretend play the same way at home with family members. 
Eg - Doing the march past, learning to salute, playing toy drums, etc

Republic Day speech - For older kids let them allow a speech and present it in front of the entire family.

Learning the states and capitals of our country. To start with the basics we can teach that our country is divided into different that's ruled by capitals and teach the state we live in with the capital.
Eg- We live in the state of Maharashtra and the capital is Mumbai. 
Children are quick at grasping and can learn names faster than we think. 

Tricolour Food and Party at Home. kids will be overexcited to prepare  delicious tricoloured foods. Tricolor sandwiches with an orange chutney, green chutney and green cucumber, orange grated carrots. 
Make a tricolor salad,
Tricolor rice with green spinach. 
Children enjoy decorating the plate with food , so prepare the basic and allow them to decorate it in a plate. 

Learning regional dances 
Play some music and learn some basic dance steps of any region of our country, like Bharatnatyam , Kathakali . You can get the basic steps from utube when you search the internet.

Reading the Indian constitution and understanding it.
Being a teacher , I know the children have learnt to say the Constitution very well, however when I ask them what they understand from it, they are blank. Hence it's important to let them understand a few pointers from it. 
We also made a few basic rules for our classroom for better understanding.
You can make your child make a few basic rules to be followed at home. 
Eg- We made a few rules too. Eating our meals on the dining table, no television while eating. 
Making our bed in the morning when we wake up. Keeping our toys in place once we finish playing. 
Three simple rules. Keep it simple and let your child decide the rules this way they will be motivated to follow them. 

As said by Benjamin Franklin – “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” So there is no better way to teach our kids but to involve them.

Have a fun filled day.
Stay home , stay safe