Sunday, October 31, 2021

Fun Diwali activities for kids

Fun Diwali Activities For Kids

Let your child learn the importance and values of festivals through engaging activities at home. 
Here are some fun activities I engage my toddler with at home to learn, enjoy and celebrate the festival in a joyous and happy way. 

The story of Diwali -  Tell your children the story of Diwali and enact rhe  return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya with a puppet show and props like diyas, lanterns and rangoli. It's important to understand the story behind the festival before celebrating it. 

Rangoli drawing and painting.
Rangoli plays a very pivotal role in Diwali hence allow your children to use their imagination and draw Rangoli sketches in a book and later paint them using bright colors of their choice. 
Making eco friendly rangolis with flowers and leaves and organic rangoli powder can be a fun activity to teach colors and enhance the child's cognitive skills too. 

Diwali cards. 
Let your child use their imagination to make cards for family and friends. It's fun and teaches the child caring for others. Emotional skills are developed. 

Cleaning the house - We all need a helping hand and with our kids helping us clean the house we can't ask for anything better. So allow them to mop the floor, clean the windows, dust the furniture. Always motivate them and appreciate them doe their hand work. This build their early life skills. 

Diya making - Buy readymade diyas from the market, soak them in water overnight. Let them dry and first paint them with white paint. Let the paint dry. Once done allow your child to paint the diyas and decorate them using their imagination. It's a special feeling to light your children's hand made diyas on Diwali. 

Lantern making - Use coloured paper to make colorful lanterns and hang them outside the window or door with lights in them. 

Toran making- Cut out paper leaves and flowers and stick them on a string. Make a beautiful toran and hang it on your door. We made small colorful lanterns and hung them on our door. 

Fireless cooking - Involve your children in making ladoos and Diwali sweets and snacks which don't involve using the gas stove. We made some chocolate chip cookies and enjoyed making them into round shapes.Cooking helps children develop their cognitive skills and build early life skills which will come of use later. 

Jewellery-making - Colour some pasta and lt your children enjoy making pasta jewelry. Bracelets and necklaces of different colors. Using their imagination and enjoying simple activities at home makes them enjoy the celebration of festivals. 

Keep it simple, recycling paper and materials is a great way to teach them young and to help save our planet.

What did you make your toddler do this Diwali. Mention in the comments below.