Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Early Science - Living things

Learning Living things #earlyscience

How we can teach our toddler what's a living thing. 

Make a chart with living things and when you go out ask your toddler to lookout for those living things. It's important to keep it simple and easy to identify. eg- fig, cat, trees, plants, ants... 

What to do with this activity?
Talk to your child about living things (like plants, animals, insects)

1) living things can grow.
2) living things need energy (plants from the sun and water, animals from food)
3) living things reproduce (plants shed seeds, animals have babies).
4) living things are sensitive, so need to be treated carefully.

When you are out and about, talk about what you see - which are the living things you see around you. 

As we explore nature we start learning about living things around us. 

I love our walks in the garden where we explore nature together and bunny learns so much. Early science with nature builds strong concepts and makes learning enjoyable. 

A simple #diy activity where I made a chart of living things he had to identify in the garden 🏡 and he showed me so many more.

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