Saturday, June 5, 2021

Benefits of walking barefoot on grass

Benefits of walking barefoot on grass 

It's so important to ket toddlers walk barefoot on grass. It's advantages arecso many and it's as simple as talking off the socks and shoes of our little toddler and allowing them to walk on the grass. I'm so glad my bunny enjoys his time on the grass and I know he is benefitting in so many ways. 

šŸ‘£Improves the posture of the toddler. Its a great exercise for the feet and it strengthens and stretches the muscles and ligaments in the feet, ankles and calves, keeping the posture upright. 

šŸ‘£ Provides Vitamin D - Walking in the sun ☀️ on the grass provides toddlers with natural Vitaran D which is much needed for growth and development. 

šŸ‘£Relieves stress- It's easy to release stress in toddlers by simple walking on the grass. A simple activity like collecting flowers from the grass keeps their mind occupied and releases stress. I find my bunny happy and contented after he plays and walks around on grass. 

šŸ‘£Improved sleep in toddlers - A bit of earthing helps stabilize the toddlers body clock and helps maintain a healthy sleep and wake schedule - as per research and studies. 

šŸ‘£Functions of different organs in the toddler gets regulated. 

Hence instead of stopping our toddlers from walking on the grass, fearing ants and getting dirty. We should not only encourage them to walk on the grass barefoot but walk along with them and gain the multiple benefits of walking barefoot on the grass.