Monday, June 28, 2021



A walk in the garden helps toddlers explore all sorts of things. I was thrilled when bunny spotted a fallen branch of a tree and was exploring it to his fullest. Rather than saying 'No' we must allow them to experience their findings and help them learn. 

Exploring new things helps toddlers learn with experience which is the best form of leaning. They have enough toys at home but when outdoors everything in new for them, so instead of stopping them from touching stones or dry leaves. It's good to encourage them to touch, feel, pick up, learn and explore. Supervision is required that they don't take things in their mouth. 

Imaginative outdoor play helps improve

 🌴COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT by sparking curiosity and problem solving skills - where does the branch of the tree come from, What does it feel like?
🌳 GROSS MOTOR SKILLS - jumping over the branch, picking up the branch, reaching out for it, lifting it, walking with it. 
 🌈SENSORY INPUT - integral to developing brains - allows more complex neural pathways to develop.

It's important for toddlers to explore on their own and this way they learn so much. This simple activity teaches a toddler to balance. He was balancing himself well while moving the branch of the tree and this also improves the muscle coordination of the arms. Rather than saying the word no, we as parents must allow toddlers to explore the unexpected on their own. 
Let them learn, let them explore. Let them play, let them be happy 😊

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Hug a tree

Hug a tree 🌳🌲🌴

When a toddler hugs a tree it communicates love, friendship, support, and many other sentiments they wish to convey. A hug communicates to others that trees are an important part of our lives and they need a hug too. 

You can plant a tree to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary, a promotion or a business success. Tree hugging is the easiest yoga art to connect you with nature.

The scientific explanation is Hugging a tree increases levels of hormone oxytocin. This hormone is responsible for feeling calm and emotional bonding. When hugging a tree, the hormones serotonin and dopamine make you feel happier.” Also studies have clearly shown that hugging a tree boosts the production of oxytocin.

Trees are good for the soul. They’re 
essential to the air we breathe. And they provide a royal example of strength and perseverance.

Tree hugging is the easiest yoga art to connect you with nature.” “If you want to have peace on this planet free of stress and turmoil, go to a tree, and hug it.

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Early Science - Living things

Learning Living things #earlyscience

How we can teach our toddler what's a living thing. 

Make a chart with living things and when you go out ask your toddler to lookout for those living things. It's important to keep it simple and easy to identify. eg- fig, cat, trees, plants, ants... 

What to do with this activity?
Talk to your child about living things (like plants, animals, insects)

1) living things can grow.
2) living things need energy (plants from the sun and water, animals from food)
3) living things reproduce (plants shed seeds, animals have babies).
4) living things are sensitive, so need to be treated carefully.

When you are out and about, talk about what you see - which are the living things you see around you. 

As we explore nature we start learning about living things around us. 

I love our walks in the garden where we explore nature together and bunny learns so much. Early science with nature builds strong concepts and makes learning enjoyable. 

A simple #diy activity where I made a chart of living things he had to identify in the garden 🏡 and he showed me so many more.

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Benefits of walking barefoot on grass

Benefits of walking barefoot on grass 

It's so important to ket toddlers walk barefoot on grass. It's advantages arecso many and it's as simple as talking off the socks and shoes of our little toddler and allowing them to walk on the grass. I'm so glad my bunny enjoys his time on the grass and I know he is benefitting in so many ways. 

👣Improves the posture of the toddler. Its a great exercise for the feet and it strengthens and stretches the muscles and ligaments in the feet, ankles and calves, keeping the posture upright. 

👣 Provides Vitamin D - Walking in the sun ☀️ on the grass provides toddlers with natural Vitaran D which is much needed for growth and development. 

👣Relieves stress- It's easy to release stress in toddlers by simple walking on the grass. A simple activity like collecting flowers from the grass keeps their mind occupied and releases stress. I find my bunny happy and contented after he plays and walks around on grass. 

👣Improved sleep in toddlers - A bit of earthing helps stabilize the toddlers body clock and helps maintain a healthy sleep and wake schedule - as per research and studies. 

👣Functions of different organs in the toddler gets regulated. 

Hence instead of stopping our toddlers from walking on the grass, fearing ants and getting dirty. We should not only encourage them to walk on the grass barefoot but walk along with them and gain the multiple benefits of walking barefoot on the grass.