Thursday, May 13, 2021

Learning to count

Importance of learning to count

Counting is important because the key conceptual idea on which all other number concepts are based.  Toddlers need to learn the meaning of counting by using counting skills in a different and a huge variety of meaningful different situations. At home you can start with counting small numbers, up to three objects. Once you feel your toddler has understood the concept of counting to three, move up to counting 5 objects. We are not in a hurry and it's not a race. The toddler must understand the concept of counting objects. 

My toddler is 3 years and I'm teaching him counting upto 3 objects and I'm happy he can count 3 objects. I'm in no hurry

Between the ages of two and four, children's ability to understand the l concept of numbers and counting improves dramatically. Most children are counting up to ten, or even beyond, by the age four.

Its a matter of time and I'm teaching one number a day. Sometime we count till number 10.learn the concept of big and small, few and many. 

Introducing creativity and learning to count will accelerate the learning process. 

It's important to let them enjoy, let them have fun and let them learn.

Here are some fun, easy, and exciting ways to teach numbers to toddlers and preschool children.

❤Number songs. 
❤Counting objects from the kitchen. 
❤Counting while climbing up and down the steps
⛱️Matching numbers with the correct number of objects
⛱️ Wrinting numbers on the sand 
⛱️ craft and getting creative with numbers

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