Sunday, May 16, 2021



Kinetic Sand Sensory play

Toddlers love to explore and playing with kinetic sand helps them explore a different texture and build objects which demolish again and again. This builds their curiosity and patience. They want to know how something is being formed and then broken so easily. I live to watch his expressions when he makes it and then it disappears, he thinks it's something like magic and this cause makes him want to play more and more keeping him occupied and wanting to learn the effect. It's excellent for cause and effect learning for curious little minds. 

Kinetic sand has so many benefits for toddlers, it is beneficial in supporting the physical development such as fine motor skills. Social and emotional development can be supported by engaging with the kinetic sand as toddlers find it calming and relaxing. Kinetic sand provides a range of sensory experiences for toddlers. Feel free to introduce digger toys and scoops for longer hours of engaged play. I give him scoops, diggers and few clay moulding toys and he is occupied for around an hour. I supervise him since he takes things in his mouth but he didn't try tasting the kinetic sand. He did smell it a couple of times since it has a sweet fragrance. 

Toddlers practise so much and this enhances their fine motor skills, the scoopingis of objects, shaping of the sand in different shapes and sizes, squeezing the kinetic sand with their hands and palms, and also digging away in a kinetic sand sensory bin. This is excellent for proprioceptive sensory feedback.

Never keep your toddler unattended while playing with kinetic sand specially when they like taking things in their mouth. 

Kinetic sand is available on flipkart and Amazon and few toy shops as well. They come in a variety of colors and it's beneficial to teach colors as well. 

Let them play, let them explore, let them keep learning. 

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