Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Rice Sensory play for toddlers


I decided to start with rice sensory play for my little bunny .
We can use food colouring to colour the rice and make it look more attractive for the child , however I decided to try it out without the colour. 
There are several benefits of playing with rice The sensory play  builds stronger neural pathways, assists motor development and language development, increases attention span, helps to calm anxious children, and is beneficial for children with Sensory Processing Disorder.

Sensory play can be achieved with non-food items as well but what I really love about using taste-safe items such as uncooked rice, grains or pasta, is that I don't have to worry if my bunny puts a few grains in his mouth . All children do this and I have nothing to worry when he tries a few grains of rice and tries to bite the uncooked pasta. That's the reason why I avoided food colour on the rice. 
Food items are biodegradable and they provide loads of engaged play.

Selecting the rice - With a wide variety of rice in the Indian market, we are literally spoilt with choices. I avoided the expensive basmati rice, the broken rice and the ready packet rice. I selected a relatively fat grain rice which costs ₹40 kg . So I picked up 3 kgs for ₹120 only.

I love the fact that it lasts for a long time. Simply store the rice in an airtight container till the next use. It can last for approximately a year if well taken care of. 
I know that everyone has a different opinion about food as play and I respect that and don't intend to hurt anyone's feelings and sentiments.

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