Wednesday, April 10, 2019


Recently visited this gem of a place in Bandra Linking road 'JLWA' and had an amazing time dining here.

The place has everything going right for them, from a lavish layout to a complete jazzy bar, plush interiors and some real good music playing.

They boast of an extensive drinks menu comprising of classsic cocktails to in-house innovating cocktails to Bottle pour & Beers.

Cocktails that we Ordered : 

Maple Whiskey : Served in a long neck bottle and advised to drink straight up from the bottle, i prefered to pour it in a glass and enjoy this concotion. Whiskey & Kahlua mixed with maple syrus and assam tea with added cinnamon, this one is a pleasant surprise with every sip.

Crazy Love : Loved the presentation on this one, Whiskey mixed with bitters and ginger ale and topped with a smoked rosemary for the aromatic effect. Hit all the right notes for me.

Kala Kawa : On a sweeter side as it is a mix of Kaluha, Irish cream & vodka. Relishable in each sip!

JLWA kitchen does have some mouth watering dishes to match up with the dazzling cocktails we were sipping on.

These are some of the appetizers we  Ordered

Smoked Chicken Argula Salad : Always a preferred choice and JLWA makes it perfect. Smoked chili chicken and boiled eggs (Oodles of both) mixed with arugula leaves, beetroot and french beans sprinkled with balsamic vinegar.

Nimboo Kalimirch Chicken : As tender and juicy as they come, this was lemony flavored and succulent pieces of chicken waiting to be popped in our mouths.

Mutton Galouti Vol-AU-Vent : Mutton lovers standard choice but this one came on a puff rather than a traditional paratha disc , however it was really flavorful.

Greek Style Chicken Kebab : This is the complete package and can be eaten as an appetizer or a main course as well. Chicken seekh kebab served with pita bread & hummus with a side of salad and house pickles.

Jack Daniel Prawns : Star appetizer of the night, prefectly cooked prawns in a creamy garlic whiskey sauce. Your taste buds are in for a real treat with this one.

Desserts - It's always good to end something so good on a sweet note.

Classic Brownie : Rich chocolate brownie with side scoop of Hazelnut mousse, Caramel Cream with marshmellows. A spoonful of each of them together and it does not get better than this.

Summarizing in a simple yet bold statement - Tauba tera Jalwa Tauba tera Khana Tauba tera Daaru,  hain chamatkaar. 

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