Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Charming Calangute Beach - Goa

#onceuponatymee  Everytime I visit Goa I must visit the calm and cozy Calangute beach that's situated in North Goa. There is something magical about this beach,  not sure what exactly it is, is it the white sands. Is it the water sports,  the waves,  the clean beach ,  the food in the shacks,  or just watching the sunset into the sea.  Really can't give one reason,  but all of them add up to make this my favorite memorable and most treasurable beach in Goa. 

When I am the right time of the year to visit and explore the beaches of Goa - We need to keep in mind that there is a season and off season on the beach,  visiting the beach is allowed throughout the year,  however if you specifically want to enjoy the water sports ,sit and unwind in the shacks ans enjoy the activities I've mentioned below, you must ensure you are visiting during the season time. Off season is during the monsoons. I have visited Goa during the season and off season both and enjoyed more during the off season. Its a matter of choice and differs from person to person. There is something magical about letting the raindrops hit your face and the waves hitting your feet at the same time. Really can't be a better feeling.  It's literally like having the cake and eating it too. 

What are the things you can do while you're on the beach. 

There is really so much to do and we are literally spoilt with choices here. 
Water sports - First there was a lot of bargaining for water-sports and foreigners were fleeced,  however now it's a standard rate for everyone,  there is no bargaining involved.  The rates are standard and put up on the board.  There are flags up for us to identify the high tide and lifeguards are there time warn people enter the water as well. 

Unwinding in a shack - So pick a shack and settle down. Enjoy the sea breeze and listening to the sound of the waves while you sip on some drinks and enjoy the starters. At night its even better since the shacks have a candle lit on the table and the tables and comfortable chairs are placed right on the beach for you to dig your feet in the sand.

Foot massage - There are men and women roaming with a variety of oil and offer to give a foot or back massage while you are at the shack. Some even have special seating near the sea for a massage .They charge around 200 rupees for a foot massage and their rates are negotiable. Its okay to tip them, but remember don't get fleeced.

Tattoos and hair braiding - There are women who will beautifully braid your hair with different colour ribbons. Yes, they do it really well and charge around 100 rupees for a single hair braid. Temporary tattoos are offered by boys , however I know of people who have got an allergic reaction to the black ink used , since its not of good quality. I strongly recommend not to make a temporary tattoo on the beach. 

Making sand castles and collecting shells - We love to settle down on the sand and get digging to make a beautiful sand castle. We decorate it with shells and write our names on it. This is a fun activity and m favourite too. 

Last but not the least,  just settle down on the sand and watch the sunset into the beautiful ocean. Every evening the colour of the sky, sea and clouds are different.  Just like our different moods,  nature also talks in mysterious way. Watching the sunset is one of the best experience of my life right from childhood and this connects me to my childhood memories of me watching the sunset into the sea from my balcony.  

Its the perfect place to unwind. I'm so in love with this beach that I'm free and I'm myself here. I can literally live here.


  1. I love the beaches of Goa, but prefer the less crowded ones in South Goa. Your post took me back to my holiday memories :)

  2. Good old days. Your write-up brought back memories of my visit years back. Thanks.

  3. Agree, these are really good old memories. Wow is all I can say.