Wednesday, April 10, 2019


Recently visited this gem of a place in Bandra Linking road 'JLWA' and had an amazing time dining here.

The place has everything going right for them, from a lavish layout to a complete jazzy bar, plush interiors and some real good music playing.

They boast of an extensive drinks menu comprising of classsic cocktails to in-house innovating cocktails to Bottle pour & Beers.

Cocktails that we Ordered : 

Maple Whiskey : Served in a long neck bottle and advised to drink straight up from the bottle, i prefered to pour it in a glass and enjoy this concotion. Whiskey & Kahlua mixed with maple syrus and assam tea with added cinnamon, this one is a pleasant surprise with every sip.

Crazy Love : Loved the presentation on this one, Whiskey mixed with bitters and ginger ale and topped with a smoked rosemary for the aromatic effect. Hit all the right notes for me.

Kala Kawa : On a sweeter side as it is a mix of Kaluha, Irish cream & vodka. Relishable in each sip!

JLWA kitchen does have some mouth watering dishes to match up with the dazzling cocktails we were sipping on.

These are some of the appetizers we  Ordered

Smoked Chicken Argula Salad : Always a preferred choice and JLWA makes it perfect. Smoked chili chicken and boiled eggs (Oodles of both) mixed with arugula leaves, beetroot and french beans sprinkled with balsamic vinegar.

Nimboo Kalimirch Chicken : As tender and juicy as they come, this was lemony flavored and succulent pieces of chicken waiting to be popped in our mouths.

Mutton Galouti Vol-AU-Vent : Mutton lovers standard choice but this one came on a puff rather than a traditional paratha disc , however it was really flavorful.

Greek Style Chicken Kebab : This is the complete package and can be eaten as an appetizer or a main course as well. Chicken seekh kebab served with pita bread & hummus with a side of salad and house pickles.

Jack Daniel Prawns : Star appetizer of the night, prefectly cooked prawns in a creamy garlic whiskey sauce. Your taste buds are in for a real treat with this one.

Desserts - It's always good to end something so good on a sweet note.

Classic Brownie : Rich chocolate brownie with side scoop of Hazelnut mousse, Caramel Cream with marshmellows. A spoonful of each of them together and it does not get better than this.

Summarizing in a simple yet bold statement - Tauba tera Jalwa Tauba tera Khana Tauba tera Daaru,  hain chamatkaar. 

Monday, April 8, 2019

Heavenly Hitchki

Hitchki has opened their newest and the 4th outlet in R City Mall Ghatkopar a month back and we have one more reason to rejoice, having visited the other 3 outlets and being a fan of their brand we ended up in their Ghatkopar outlet.Seating capacity is almost the same as all their outlets and the ambience makes you feel welcomed as always, glass panel as a wall on one side it gives an open view of the outside area and they have their own smoking room which is a plus for me.We were a group of 4 and decided to party out on the occasion of Children’s day.

Cocktails ordered (5/5) : If there is something I love; that is cocktails and when at Hitchki this cocktail love is very strong and it comes in big glasses!
Madeira Ki Matki : True to its name 1 litre of Sangria (Red/White) option to choose from mixed with vodka and loaded with fruits. A Wine lovers ultimate drink!
Scorpion Bowl : A strong combination of Rum (Dark & White) with Gin and Vodka mixed with grenadine for the tart & sweet flavor poured in with Pineapple & Orange juice.

Bubbly LIIT : A perfect blend of Tequila, Gin, Vodka & White Rum mixed with mango & pineapple juice with jalapeno gives it the sour & spicy flavor.

Foot Long : Rum (Dark, White & Spiced) mixed with Amaretto and a pint of Heineken dipped upside down. Love the taste - Love the presentation

Hum Saath Saath Hai : Gin, Vodka, White Rum &Tequila mixed with Apple punch; this deadly combination will hit you back. Potency Level 200%

Hail Mogambo : A version of Whiskey Sour with the extra ingredient being wine, this one comes in a skull shaped glass & is quite colorful to look at and tastes well too.
Whiskey Sour : A classic cocktail and Hitchki makes it the way I like it, with a little extra egg white in it.
LIIT Straight form Bihar : Hitchki’s take on your traditional Thandai mixed with Vodka, Rum & Gin, loved the taste on this one.

Appetizers & Mains ordered (5/5) : With their quirky names of dishes which brings a smile to your face, it also tickles your taste buds in the right way.
Mere Tandoori Momo Aayenge : A personal favorite and I always order it at Hitchki. Your regular Momos but tandoored and spiced perfectly.

Naan Achi Tang : Chicken Leg with Paratha, Chicken here is tandoored to perfection and served along with a Naan. 
Kakori Mail : Mutton Seekh served with your green chutney.
Calamiri Kalimiri : Fried squids, a perfect finger food to go along with your cocktails, don’t forget the accompanying dip.

Prawns Jaye Par : Your classic butter garlic prawns, flavorful & well presented.
Rawas Mall : Succulent chunks of Indian Salmon made in tikka style and served. 
Cheese mala Chitakli : Hitchki’s version of Chicken Malai tikka with melted cheese on top, soft and juicy. 
Savji Mutton : Tender boneless mutton pieces cooked in a flavorful gravy and served along with Roti. 
Ja Surmai Ja : 2 large pieces of Surmai fish cooked in red gravy and served along with rice. This is simply soul satisfying food. 
Dal Khicdi : Comfort food and Hitchki’s version will give you the satisfaction of a complete meal.

Desserts : Again quirky names, beautiful presentation & high on sweetness – Hitchki has a lot of desserts to satisfy your sweet cravings.
Chocolate Lava Kulfi : Best of 2 worlds come together here! Choco Lava Cake with Kulfi, the hot & cold combination will definitely confuse your taste buds into thinking what should it enjoy more.
Jungle Mein Mangal : Hitchki’s take on Black forest pastry with some beautiful chocolate petal dressing.

Hitchki has maintained the standard & the quality of food they serve in their newest outlet and as always we had a gala of a time at Hitchki and waiting to go back for more!

Glamorous GOA

There are many tourist places in Goa right from the beaches to the national parks and hills, churches, forts, night markets, and the backwaters, you will find  everything in this small Indian state. So here’s a list of the top 5 must-see places in Goa that you should definitely include in your tour planning.

Fort Aguada is an old 17th century Portuguese fort in north Goa. It is at the confluence of the Mandovi River and the Arabian Sea on top of a hill. The Portuguese constructed this fort as a defense against the Marathas and the Dutch. There is a 13 meter high lighthouse, which was constructed in 1864. There are many buildings within the fort are still in very good condition. It also has a prison which is still having prisoners till today. 

This is one of India’s tallest and most powerful waterfalls. Dudhsagar falls is 47 kilometers from Margao and is located on the Goa-Karnataka border. Dudhsagar Falls looks most beautiful in the monsoon since there is a lot of water.
It comes down for 1017 feet from a steep mountain and you can view the falls from a train journey to and from Margao, or you can trek to the base of the falls and there are many viewpoints to enjoy watching the Dudhsagar falls. 

The Anjuna Flea market was started by hippies in the 1960s, and now is a landmark in Goa. It is at the southern end of the Anjuna beach which is open on Wednesdays from morning till 6 PM. There are more than 500 stalls selling handicrafts, handmade jewelry, Kashmiri and Tibetan goods, bags, clothing, tribal artifacts,live tattoo making and hair braids, stalls selling authentic Goan food and much , much more. There are also live bands playing jazz and rock music.Its not a market but a wonderful experience. 

Church of Our lady or The “Immaculate Conception Church”,is a beautiful church in Goa’s capital Panaji close to the Mandovi Bridge. It used to be a chapel in 1541. The larger church building came up only in 1619. Devotees have been coming here since a long time. The old Portuguese sailors offered their prayers, asking for a good voyage and they returned after the trip to say thank you. There is a feast every year on December 8th, which many locals and tourists attend.

Casino - Its a must visit since these Casinos are made on the Ship . There is an entry fee and you can stay on the Casino for 24 hours , eat and drink as much as you want and have a nice time. You can purchase the tickets from the capital Panaji and there are boats that take you to the Casino. Its a different experience altogether. 

Now saving the best for the last, the beaches. After a tiring day of sightseeing , you will love to unwind on the beach. Relax in a shack , listen to the sound of waves and watch the stars in the open sky. These moments make your trip to Goa worthwhile. 

Friday, April 5, 2019

Fantastic Farzi Cafe

Farzi cafe is a well-known Bistro with a modern twist presenting global cuisine with an added Indian influence. Molecular gastronomy at its best without digging a hole in your pocket. It has opened a year back in Oberoi Mall Goregaon;and this 3rd outlet in Mumbai is really spacious as it can accommodate 90 people and the seating is quite comfy, the high ceiling and a hanging life size boat adds to the finesse touch.

Started off with these refreshing Mocktails – “Farzi OK’ & “Litchi Aam Panna” Both were light on flavors and well made; had no trace of excess sugar or syrup used in them. Really refreshing , just what you will want to sip on , on a hot summer day,

Appetizers : Clearly can see the culinary skill & style in play here for each dish being served!

-       Black Sesame Chicken Tikka with Sesame Ash & Mayo Dip : Welcome change to the palates from the traditional Red N Greens; succulent and juicy chicken chunks with a distinct flavor to it. Ideal way to enjoy this is to dip it with accompanying mayo and brush it over with the edible Ash. A hint of crunchy delight awaits! (Highly Recommended)
-       Tempura Fried Prawns Nimbbo Mirch Air : Deep fried battered Prawns with a crisp coating and a foaming of Lime & Chili; flavorful in each bite!
-       Tandoor Mutton Chops, Garlic Toum & Coriander Sponge : Tender mutton chops marinated to perfection and tandoored just right and served along with green chutney; easy to peel off the bone using your fork but truly relishing once you get your hands dirty on this one.  (Highly Recommended)
-       Dal Chawal Arancini served with Achar, Papad & Chutney : Presentation 10/10!! Our homely Dal & Rice styled into Arancini balls topped with mild Achar & Chutney and a roasted papad on top looking like a crown. Definitely worth trying out!
-       Guntur Chili Chicken : Oriental influence on this one; fried chicken & veggies tossed in.

Main Course : Simply spoiled for choices here!

-       Slow cooked Baby Lamb Shanks in Desi ghee served with Khasta Kulcha : The name says it all except the flavors in this were like a celebration of spices coming together. Simply put a well-cooked flavorful & tender Nalli Nihari version from the kitchen of Farzi Café for you to gorge upon.

Desserts : Things got Creative & Innovative here!

-       Parle G Cheesecake : 2 portions served; Cheesecake sandwiched between Parle-G biscuits served in a bed of milk custard with an essence of cookie dough for the additional taste. An ardent fan of unadulterated Cheesecake but kudos to Farzi Café to experiment with this one.
-       Ras Malai Tres Leches with Rose Petal Net : Hands down the best version of Ras Malai I’ve ever had and also a signature dessert of Farzi Café. From the presentation to the taste this will bowl you over. (Definitely Recommended)

Farzi translated from Persian language simply means Illusion; except Farzi Café creates a real impression on your mind with a memorable dining experience that goes far beyond great food and great service!

Overall its a fantastic dining experience and the service is prompt. I simply loved the innovation of dishes here and would surely visit again. A must visit if you like to try out something different.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Dazzling Deolali - Holiday time with Family

Deolali is a place that's always been and will be close to my heart.  For the simple reason, it connects me with my family. We get together and spend quality time together here.  Get the time to talk,  share our experiences,  play cards,  eat good food,  go for a midnight walk just to eat ice cream,  just be ourselves with no limitations whatsoever. 

Staying in Deolali or Nashik - There are many hotels and resorts in Nashik,  however few in Deolali. We stay at the Naterwala sanitorium ( guest house)  that is exclusively first parsis.  Just opposite is the Bahadurji Sanitorium which is spread over wide acres of land and also has an old age home for the parsis. 

Things to do - There is a lot to do while in Deolali however let me share with you what we usually do. We usually cover both places,  namely Nashik and Deolali. 

There are many places of worship to visit and the temples are beautiful and have a history behind it. 

We visit the vineyard,  sometimes it's a local one or we drive down to Sula vineyards where we can enjoy the wine tasting followed by lunch in their restaurant. 

Pandavlena caves - Please dont leave this place without visiting these caves that are on a mountain. You can read my blog for more information. 

Weather - It's a dry and cold climate and nights are really pleasant. Remember to carry one woolen wear for the nights. 

Food - We enjoy the food served to us at Ratis kitchen.  It's prepared with love and that's what makes it easier even more delicious.  This is the traditional parsi chicken dhansak,  brown rice and mutton kebabs with vegetable salad.  Enjoy it while its hot with a beer.  The best mewl combination.  Cheers and Nusejun as my mother says.  

Traveling to Deolali - You can either travel by train that stops at Deolali for 2 minutes or drive down which takes approximately 3 and a half hours to reach. 

Lush greenery, tall trees,  colorful flowers and fresh air all around.  It's like a walk in the forest.  We couldn't help taking pictures and my signature selfie with the Bogenvilia flowers started here. How I love this place and the feel of this place.  This is our fire temple which has a fire burning inside continuously. Its located inside the sanitarium. 
We always cluck loads of pictures here and this puxture with the boganvillea flowers is my signature selfie. 

Charming Calangute Beach - Goa

#onceuponatymee  Everytime I visit Goa I must visit the calm and cozy Calangute beach that's situated in North Goa. There is something magical about this beach,  not sure what exactly it is, is it the white sands. Is it the water sports,  the waves,  the clean beach ,  the food in the shacks,  or just watching the sunset into the sea.  Really can't give one reason,  but all of them add up to make this my favorite memorable and most treasurable beach in Goa. 

When I am the right time of the year to visit and explore the beaches of Goa - We need to keep in mind that there is a season and off season on the beach,  visiting the beach is allowed throughout the year,  however if you specifically want to enjoy the water sports ,sit and unwind in the shacks ans enjoy the activities I've mentioned below, you must ensure you are visiting during the season time. Off season is during the monsoons. I have visited Goa during the season and off season both and enjoyed more during the off season. Its a matter of choice and differs from person to person. There is something magical about letting the raindrops hit your face and the waves hitting your feet at the same time. Really can't be a better feeling.  It's literally like having the cake and eating it too. 

What are the things you can do while you're on the beach. 

There is really so much to do and we are literally spoilt with choices here. 
Water sports - First there was a lot of bargaining for water-sports and foreigners were fleeced,  however now it's a standard rate for everyone,  there is no bargaining involved.  The rates are standard and put up on the board.  There are flags up for us to identify the high tide and lifeguards are there time warn people enter the water as well. 

Unwinding in a shack - So pick a shack and settle down. Enjoy the sea breeze and listening to the sound of the waves while you sip on some drinks and enjoy the starters. At night its even better since the shacks have a candle lit on the table and the tables and comfortable chairs are placed right on the beach for you to dig your feet in the sand.

Foot massage - There are men and women roaming with a variety of oil and offer to give a foot or back massage while you are at the shack. Some even have special seating near the sea for a massage .They charge around 200 rupees for a foot massage and their rates are negotiable. Its okay to tip them, but remember don't get fleeced.

Tattoos and hair braiding - There are women who will beautifully braid your hair with different colour ribbons. Yes, they do it really well and charge around 100 rupees for a single hair braid. Temporary tattoos are offered by boys , however I know of people who have got an allergic reaction to the black ink used , since its not of good quality. I strongly recommend not to make a temporary tattoo on the beach. 

Making sand castles and collecting shells - We love to settle down on the sand and get digging to make a beautiful sand castle. We decorate it with shells and write our names on it. This is a fun activity and m favourite too. 

Last but not the least,  just settle down on the sand and watch the sunset into the beautiful ocean. Every evening the colour of the sky, sea and clouds are different.  Just like our different moods,  nature also talks in mysterious way. Watching the sunset is one of the best experience of my life right from childhood and this connects me to my childhood memories of me watching the sunset into the sea from my balcony.  

Its the perfect place to unwind. I'm so in love with this beach that I'm free and I'm myself here. I can literally live here.

Monday, April 1, 2019

Bayroute - Middle Eastern Dining experience

B is for BAYROUTE - My first time dining in a Middle Eastern Specialty cuisine restaurant and now Im simply loving the food and wonderful experience. #BlogChatterA2Z

Visited Bayroute in Powai on a late afternoon and the place had a good occupancy, as soon we entered we were shown to our table and menu handed over to us, which we need to read from the end to start, thats backwards like they do in the middle Eastern countries.The smallest of the detail has been taken into consideration; from the décor which reminds you of the palatial interiors with a hue of Pink all over to the soft traditional folklore music which plays in the background. 

We started off with few drinks and enjoyed the beautiful presentation here.
Dessert Storm - Its an In-house cocktail; Whiskey based and comes along with edible soil in a box filled with smoke; the presentation alone will mind blow your imagination here. First sip and you realize the thickness level of the concoction with a hint of Clove & Gulkhand with a flowery design on top. This is a must have if you are a fan of  Whiskey based cocktails.

Old Fashioned- The Old Fashioned had the right amount of sugar & bitters. A neat drink to sip on while feasting on all the lip smacking appetizers!

Coming to the food; each dish is an experience in itself and prepared authentically!

Appetizers :

Dukkah Lamb : A complete meal in itself, comes with shredded lamb in the middle of thick parsley sauce with a light sprinkle of pomegranate and accompanied by some sauteed veggies and hot rotis.

Salmon Kebab - Norwegian Salmon used in this preparation; perfectly grilled chunks of Salmon served with harissa spiked broccoli with a side of Cucumber & fresh coconut salad.

Kataifi Rubyan : Phyllo dough strings wrapped around Prawns and deep fried served on a bed Chive Pesto sauce. Give it a try if you haven’t had it.

Kebab Istanbul : Skewered minced lamb - Really well marinated and cooked to perfection served along with a side of fries and Tahini sauce. Dip the minced lamb in the Tahini sauce and you can experience flavors at a new high! 

Cumin Lamb Kebab : A version of Mutton Galouti but flavored a bit different. Minced Lamb patties placed on thick sesame crusts and served along with a dressing of yoghurt & mint. Its something different , yet worth trying if you are a fan of Galauti kebabs. 

Mains  Course- I was really impressed with the presentation and taste. Its an all new level of food.

Salmon Chermoula : Norwegian Salmon steak fire roasted to perfection served with Potato pancakes (Latkes) topped with finely cut paste of Tomato, Coriander & Basil and a side of Green Beans. This dish was perfect in all the ways and a celebration of flavors; must have if you are visiting Bayroute. (Compulsorily Recommended)

Rubyan Meshwi : Presentation will get you WOW & Taste will take you a level Higher! Tiger Prawns are charcoal grilled and served on a thin bed of mashed sweet potato & finely cut paste of Tomato, Coriander & Basil with grilled Asparagus on the side. The Prawns is simply bursting with flavors and once mixed with the add-ons turns it into something at a different level for Prawn lovers.

Desserts : Coming to the last but one of the best part of our dining experience at Bayroute!

Baklava : A dessert with too much drama but surpasses the expectation. A real Rose dipped in liquid nitrogen and crushed in front of you and sprinkled on a generous slice of Baklava; this slice comes with a layer of gulkhand Ice cream along with a generous dosage of Almond & Pistachios neatly places between layers of Phyllo sheets. Baklava at Bayroute is not just a dessert but an experience to be had! 

Fluffy Cheesecake : A Cheesecake slice topped with a scoop of ice-cream with White chocolate and some crushed cookies,  I think this would be a lot better without the Chocolate & Cookies since the cheesecake itself is so delicious , it really doesnt need any ad on flavours.

Bayroute is truly the epitome of tribute to the Middle Eastern & Mediterranean cuisine and will keep you calling back for more of their culinary magic.Its truly one of the best dining experience I have had in a while.