Sunday, March 31, 2019

A is for Aromas Cafe

In the A to Z challenge you will get to know a little bit about me,  bit by bit.  So I'm starting with my weakness,  cafes serving good coffee is my weakness.  So I decided to try this cafe .... Visited four and yet thirsty for more. So here I start with the first alphabet A and my favorite coffee ☕ too.  Let's get going.  
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Aromas Café recently launched its latest & 8th outlet in Bandra and established their presence in the central hub of culinary delight.
This outlet is definitely spacious with a passage going all the way to the end with a private area seating for a larger group or a family gathering. The kitchen and the food counter is located at the center of the layout which you may not end up seeing if you settle at the entrance area which is brightly lit. 

We made ourselves comfortable on the comfy sofas at the entrance and were given the menu and a dedicated staff member was always around when we needed one.

Thirst Quenchers -Its a mandatory for me to call for one when at Aromas Café!

Premium Berry Shake - Here only premium ingredients used in making this rich thick shake with pulpy berries mixed with vanilla ice-cream! Each sip was a perfect blend of all ingredient and yet not overtly sweet.
Berry Delight - This is a part of their Strawberry festival limited time menu; this was a mix of Raspberry , Blueberry shake layered on top of each other and served, definitely worth trying.

Cappuccino - It's served nice and hot with a creamy froth at the top. Enjoy it while its hot and unwind.  You just might land up asking for more. 

Appetizers - The presentation will make you drool!
Lamb Pepperoni and Charred Gooseberry Crostini  : Part of their Strawberry festival limited time menu; Spicy Lamb slices tossed in chili flakes with garlic & cheddar topped with charred gooseberries and pickled onions served on a crostini. These were a visual & culinary treat!

Gunpowder Calamari - It's really different from the regular rings; these were Calamari slices thats tossed in the traditional gunpowder of the south. The mild spice blended perfectly with the otherwise bland calamari. Really enjoyed this new version for a change!

Sweet & Spicy Chicken Meatballs : Meatballs cooked with perfection and tossed in the sweet & spicy sauce with added bell peppers and minced coriander. This was a combination of flavors in each bite
 Lamb Kibbeh- Its a middle eastern delicacy; minced lamb shaped into croquettes and served with a topping of in-house sauce; definitely delectable!
 Egg Kejriwal : My favorite of the entire lot; A very different presentation and it scores a perfect 10/10. Fried egg on a circular bun placed on a bed of coriander & green chili chutney; the bun completely soaks up the chutney and the topping of fried onion makes this one is just awesome !

Mains - You will be satisfied with just one.

So this is what I had - Honey Mustard Lemon Chicken - A complete meal with sliced Chicken (7-8 pieces) served with veggies & mashed potatoes with a generous side of penne pasta. While the pasta is tossed in red pepper flakes and the chicken was covered it a thick sauce of honey mustard. This meal is good enough to satisfy person and serves as a perfect main course.

Desserts & Saving the best for the last. 

Caramello Cheesecake - Like the name suggests; caramel flavored cheesecake served with chocolate balls and velvet toppings.

Always been a fan of Aromas cuisine and they continue to hold the standard high! Can’t wait to go back for the Premium Berry Shake, some Meatballs & the Egg kejriwal!!!!

We also visited Aromas Cafe thats located in Kandivili 
Aromas Café in Kandivili is the only All vegetarian menu in the franchisee chain of outlets and we visited them recently.
Space is vast and the ambiance is quirky, especially loved one wall which spells out their name and has comfy seating arrangements inside each alphabet – Eye Catchy for sure!!!

Started off with some coolers : Have you tried their French Vanilla yet?

Non Alcoholic Beer - We all know what this is and couldn’t think of drinking anything else on a Sunday afternoon.
French Vanilla - This was bit hot with a creamy blend of vanilla and cream; a very different version of coffee or aptly can be termed as a luxury or a smooth bodied coffee.

I would still say, stick to your favourite cappucino and avoid experimenting.

Starters - It's something different here and worth trying out.

Dal Khichdi Arancini : An all-time favorite! Aromas presents this one like a patty rather than the traditional arancini balls; nevertheless made perfectly and had a crisp outside with soft filling of cheese & daal inside.
 Mixed Veggie Mexican Discs : Simply put this was our traditional Sev Puri we have but no compromise in the taste and a yummy snack to eat,  it comes without the chutney. 

Main course - This was simply perfect. 💯✨

Roasted Garlic and Mushroom Risotto - This was simply an awesome Risotto to be had. Mushroom & Risotto rice tossed in creamy garlic sauce with added Parmesan cheese to give it the creamy texture. Served along with the usual garlic cheese bread to complete the touch. A must have at Aromas for sure!

Homemade Dessert Tootsie - Just okay and nothing great,  Diced bread base topped with White, brown and dark chocolate served along with a generous doze of Whipped cream in a bowl.

So here it's not just sipping on a hot cuppa coffee ☕ but enjoying the food served with a wonderful presentation as well.  

So the first day of my challenge starts with Aromas cqfe. Stay tuned for more food and travel tales.  


  1. A very well presented review. Proud of you. Stay blessed.

  2. Genuine review, well well worded. Need to visit Aromas

    1. Let's visit this place soon and try the egg Kejriwal.