Wednesday, February 6, 2019

#FerryWharf a treat for all seafood lovers

A restaurant expands its footprint only when its doing well and after a successful run of over 2 years for their Bandra outlet; Malad gets the second outlet of Ferry Wharf (Well-Known for their Mangalorean Cuisine)


Located in an already established food junction area which houses vintage restaurants like Jugheads & Peking Tom to name a few but Ferry Wharf stands apart with its own distinct identity simply because of 3 main reasons :


-       Seafood Specialty (No seafood outlet in a decent radius to even compare)

-       Huge Dining Area (Accommodate 84 Pax in total & a separate area for private party for up to 30 Pax)

-       Lightning fast service & sheer Quality & Quantity of dishes (The best in this part of Suburbs)


Went for an afternoon lunch on our Republic day and the place was packed and was advised a wait time of around 15 minutes; luckily got our seats in a mere 5 minute time and was escorted to our table.


Started off with Fresh Lime Soda (Sweet & Salt mix), a perfect thirst quencher to beat the afternoon heat and a refreshing drink to get your appetite going!


Strictly decided to be on a Seafood diet only and called for the below appetizers : All items tried below are recommended and a must have depending on your personal preference in seafood!


-       Bombil Fry : A mandatory appetizer to be tried at any fish joint and Ferry Wharf made them a perfect golden fried and wafer crisp which was welcome deviation from the standard version. Loved munching on these 4 pieces served along with in-house tamarind chutney.


-       Butter Garlic Squids : Super tasty and oodles of butter & minced garlic along with coriander and spring onion completed the spice touch on this one. Add perfectly cut and loads of squid rings to this mixture and enjoy this delicacy. There was perfect balance of each ingredient without influencing the taste of Squid as well; a Squid lovers must call for appetizer.


-       Tiger Prawns : Option to choose from Tandoori/Ghee Roast/Butter Garlic & Hyderabadi & Per piece option available weighing in the range of 150 gm to 250 gm. Opted for Tandoori option for a piece weighing around 150 grams. Perfectly tandoored and no over-use of masala and almost the size of the spoon post preparation. Took me around 4 bites to finish them off but juicy & delectable in each bite.


-       Tandoori Lobster : Preparation option same as above and opted for the tandoored version again. Medium sized lobsters well-presented on a plate with the soft meat placed in between. These took no time to vanish from our plates and left us wanting for more. A must have at Ferry Wharf if you are a lobster fan!


-       Tandoori Rawas : My star dish of the day; a whole Rawas (Indian Salmon) fish (1.5 Feet long) bursting with flavors and served as a single piece and made to perfection. I didn’t need to use my hands to dig into this but a simple fork N knife was just enough to separate the flesh from the bones. A fish lover cannot afford to miss out on this one!


For Mains :


-       Surmai Curry & Rice : Freshly cooked in a red gravy with 2 slices of Surmai (King fish). The curry base here is coconut with minimal ingredients and really tender slices of Surmai and goes well with rice. USP for this – This will taste exactly like a dish cooked at home & will satiate your taste buds & heart.


Desserts : Traditional Payasam which was not too sweet & Gulab Jamun (These were perfect) made up for our sweet endings to a surprisingly perfect meal!


Our server Dinesh was knowledgeable and suggested couple of things we ordered & the outlet manager Mr. Denise took some time out to explain the business model and it was a delightful experience!


I was so content with the overall experience and yet feel like I need to be back again & soon for more!


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