Saturday, January 5, 2019

Calcium rich foods for your bones

The best Calcium rich foods for your bones. 

Here are some calcium rich foods which will help in building strong and healthy bones.
Its strange that most of the Calcium rich foods are non dairy, so lets find out more.

Seeds are nutritional powerhouses. Some are high in calcium, including poppy, sesame, celery and chia seeds. 

Most cheeses are excellent sources of calcium. Parmesan cheese has the most amount of calcium.  We must keep in mind that full-fat cheese is also high in fat and calories. Most cheeses also contain sodium , to which some people are sensitive.

Fish and meat is a rich source of calcium for non vegetarians.

Beans and lentils are high in fiber, protein and micro nutrients.
They also boast lots of iron, zinc, folate, magnesium and potassium.
Beans and lentils are high in fiber, protein and micro nutrients and some varieties also have decent amounts of calcium.
Whey protein is found in milk and has been extensively studied for its health benefits.
It's an excellent protein source and full of quickly digested amino acids. Studies have linked whey-rich diets to weight loss and improved blood sugar control.
Leafy greens, dark leafy greens are indeed healthy, and some of them are high in calcium as well. Greens that have good amounts of mineral include spinach and methi. Broccoli is also high in calcium. 

Dried figs are really rich in antioxidants and fiber. They also have more calcium than other dry fruit. 
Last but not the least Milk is one of the best and cheapest calcium sources for all age groups. 

Hence you can easily meet your calcium needs by eating from the list of foods and maintain your bone health. Get your daily dose of  greens and increase your calcium intake the green and healthy way. 

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