Sunday, January 27, 2019

6 Travel tips you need to know #TravelTales

These are some of the Best 6 Travel Tips You Need to Know

Its always important to download Google Maps for use offline by typing in “OK Map”, this is incase the internet connection of that place isn't working while you roaming. You know where you are and places you need to visit. I'm totally dependent on Google maps whether its local travel or travel away from home.

Save money on your travel booking. By spending sometime online and searching different sites you get to know what fits your budget and book travel tickets and hotel accommodation accordingly. If possible avoid travelling on weekends and public holidays since it falls expensive and places you visit are crowded too.

Pack your essentials and travel light. Its important to travel light and only pack whats essential during your stay, Its good to buy a bag-pack that you can carry on your back and a waist pouch for carrying your valuables. A bag-pack is spacious and can fit clothes and daily essentials for your entire travel and you can comfortably carry it around on your back too.

Always know the weather of the place you are traveling to and pack accordingly. If you traveling where the weather is low then remember to take your woolens along since you wont want to freeze and shop for clothes using up your travel time.

Carry your basic medicines since you never know when you will need them. Its always better to be safe than sorry. You are visiting a new place and trying out different food and flavors which might lead to a stomach upset. So remember basic medicines always help and they don't occupy space as well.

Camera and charger - Don't leave your house without these two. You want to return home with a loadful of memories so remember to capture the moments and save them in your camera. You need your phone to be connected with family, friends and social media so remember your charger too.

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