Tuesday, December 18, 2018

My food moments as a teacher

Going down memory lane with food.
Being a food lover , I really appreciate all those people who cook for me.
It may be a simple cup of Masala tea or an elaborate sizzler cooked to perfection.
I really appreciate the effort taken and the warmth it is being served it.
Being a primary school teacher by profession, I spend most of my time teaching the children and this works up a good appetite. Whenever I have free time , I rush to the school cafeteria and ask Mangal the chief cook, "Whats cooking ?" He replies with a broad smile on his face and tells me what is hot and freshly prepared.

I wait in the cafeteria and Sunita Mausi ( thats what we all call her ) attends to all of us and takes our orders. Knowing we have really limited time to eat and rush back in our classrooms, she is quick in her service and serves hot meals with a lot of innovation.

It looks yummy and tastes good too. Sunita always put in a lot of effort in every dish she serves and that has really motivated me to be different like her in my teaching too. Even If I'm tired, I see the energy level she displays and get energized to move on.
Going back memory lane, I can proudly say Sunita Moushi is indeed #MadeOf Great and the motivating factor in my life. Would really love to thank her for every meal she has served me with so much love, care, affection and a broad SMILE :)

Noodles with oodles of boiled eggs.
Sunita Moushi you are indeed a great woman and #MadeOfGreat Thanks for all the hot masala chai and innovative dishes you have served me :)

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