Monday, February 28, 2022

6 Simple fun activities your preschooler will enjoy outdoors.

6 Simple fun activities your preschooler will really enjoy  outdoors. 

Here are six simple outdoor activities my kid really enjoys while we are out in the garden or outdoors playing. Hence wanted to share it with you'll to help benefit your kids too. We take our kids to the garden and a little bit of planning and fun makes it more enjoyable and enhances learning too. 

🌲Run barefoot on grass - Running barefoot on grass has multiple health benefits for preschoolers and it also improves the vision of the child. It improves their balance and direct contact with earth provides natural earthing to the child. 

🌳Climb small trees - He enjoys exploring small trees and climbing trees help kids improve their balance and learn about different textures of the tree trunk and insects that live in them. It's a great exercise for gross motor skills and improves their cognitive development since they are feeling, touching, analysing and trying to climb the branches of the tree. 
🌴catching kook - catching each other . Just plain fun to run around catching each other. Taking turns to catch each other in the garden is great for gross motor skills and a great exercise for parents too. 

🌲Sandplay - Our garden has a sandpit and I always carry my kids spade and bucket. Sand is great for sensory play and has multiple learning benefits. It's the stepping stone to early math. They fill their bucket with sand and learn the concept of more, more sand is required to fill their bucket, hence they learn the concept of more and less in a fun play way method of trial and error. 

🌴Ball play - Always remember to take a ball with you in the garden. Kids enjoy to bounce it, throw it and play around in the open with a ball. I take a different ball everytime since each ball has a different learning experience for your child. It's great to build your childs reflex action and improve their hand and eye coordination. 

🌲Jumping on dry leaves 🍂🍂There were loads of dry leaves stacked up in huge piles. My baby just jumped in and enjoyed the sound of dry leaves, the feel of the dry leaves and the jumping activity. It's fun to try out new things and he looks out for piles of dry leaves to jump in. 
Keep it simple, kids love being outdoors and simple activities are enjoyed the most. 

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