Friday, December 17, 2021

Christmas activities for kids

Christmas is coming and what better way to celebrate it with our kids. 

Let's bring in the Christmas cheer with some simple and fun activities with our kids. 

🎅Decorate the Christmas tree - Get kids involved in decorating the Christmas tree, buy the decorations together, make few decorations together. Put the lights on and let the fun begin from decorating the Christmas tree and bringing in the Christmas cheer. 

🎅Chocolate and sweet treasure hunt - All kids enjoy chocolates and sweets and what a better way to begin the Christmas season with a treasure hunt of their favorite chocolates and sweets. Hide them around the house in simple places. Let them know the places they should look around and what things they should not touch. The rules of the game need to be explained as well. Give them baskets to collect their sweet treasure. Play some music to start the treasure hunt and after few minutes switch off the music to inform the time limit of the treasure hunt is completed. Let them enjoy their sweet treats. 

🎅Build a snowman ☃️
Christmas is incomplete without a snowman. Where there is snow it's fun to build a snowman in the snow, however we all are not blesses with snowfall so lets make a sensory play with look alike snow or use cotton balls to build our very own snowman. Put on your creativity caps and build a snowman. 

🎅Cut paper snowflakes ❄

Paper cutting is fun and a great activity tk enhance the fine motor skills. Use white and silver paper to make pretty snowflakes and decorate the windows with these pretty handmade snowflakes. 

🎅Bake some Christmas cookies 🍪 
Kids love cookies and get them involved in baking cookies. Use child safe healthy products to bake them. Let them mix, add and pour in the ingredients. It gets a bit messy but the fun involved while baking is what is really important. Let them decorate them with chocolate chips , gems or dry fruit and cut them in shapes of their choice. 

🎅Let's make our stocking - Make a stocking with felt cloth or socks, out your childs name on it and hang it up. Put a stocking up for everyone in the family. This gives a sense of family bonding and the importance of knowing, loving and caring for all family members. 

🎅Make their wish list - Get them thinking and noting down on a post it what they would like to get for Christmas🌲 Specify, 5 gifts 🎁or 7 gifts depending on your budget. 

🎅Watch a Christmas movie and enjoy family time with tubs of popcorn 🍿🍿🍿

Few of my Christmas favorite movies. 
Home alone
Frozen ❄⛄👸
Polar express 🚂🚋🚃🚋🚃🚋🚃
Make the living room dark with dark curtains. Make tickets and let the children distribute tickets and show everyone their seat with the help of a torch, let them serve tubs of pop corn in the interval. Unwind and enjoy these moments together.

🎅Listen to Christmas🌲 carols. 
Start the day with music and there is no better music than Christmas carols. 
Utube, gaana, spotify, Amazon music ate some apps where you can stream some good music. 

🎅Make Christmas cards for your friends and family members. 

Being out their creativity,  give them loads of colors, paints, paper, glue and let them make Christmas cards for all those they love.

Gifts of time and love ❤ are surely the best ingredients of a truly Merry Christmas🌲🎅