Monday, June 28, 2021



A walk in the garden helps toddlers explore all sorts of things. I was thrilled when bunny spotted a fallen branch of a tree and was exploring it to his fullest. Rather than saying 'No' we must allow them to experience their findings and help them learn. 

Exploring new things helps toddlers learn with experience which is the best form of leaning. They have enough toys at home but when outdoors everything in new for them, so instead of stopping them from touching stones or dry leaves. It's good to encourage them to touch, feel, pick up, learn and explore. Supervision is required that they don't take things in their mouth. 

Imaginative outdoor play helps improve

 🌴COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT by sparking curiosity and problem solving skills - where does the branch of the tree come from, What does it feel like?
🌳 GROSS MOTOR SKILLS - jumping over the branch, picking up the branch, reaching out for it, lifting it, walking with it. 
 🌈SENSORY INPUT - integral to developing brains - allows more complex neural pathways to develop.

It's important for toddlers to explore on their own and this way they learn so much. This simple activity teaches a toddler to balance. He was balancing himself well while moving the branch of the tree and this also improves the muscle coordination of the arms. Rather than saying the word no, we as parents must allow toddlers to explore the unexpected on their own. 
Let them learn, let them explore. Let them play, let them be happy 😊

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