Thursday, May 20, 2021

Reasons why toddlers need to 🎨paint

Painting helps your toddler to communicate their emotions or feelings. Through the use of different colors, they  express themselves without the use of words. Painting allows toddlers an educational opportunity that is also fun and exciting.

The use of fingers and hands also provides them with concentration, balance, control, and strength which helps develop good motor skills, that enables a smoother transition into writing. It helps toddlers to explore their creativity and imagination in a stress free environment. 

I was amazed to watch bunny paint away and enjoy himself, it's a bit messsy but we mommies are used to it and we know that when there is a mess, there is loads of fun and learning happening.

7 reasons why toddlers need to paint

🎨Finger Painting is one of the most loved methods of painting for toddlers as it is not only easy for them to do but is also super fun, (it is slightly messy).

 🎨Toddlers gain many sensory benefits from this super fun way of painting, as they feel, smell, and touch the paint which directly enhances their senses. Toddlers enjoy mixing colours, teaching them how to explore the creation of new ones,  stimulates their intellectual development.

🎨 Painting helps develop muscle control.  Working with a brush or small tool helps develop fine motor skills  While working on large sheets of paper or at the easel helps develop large muscle control (Gross Motor skills).  Painting also helps develop toddlers hand eye coordination.

🎨The need of the hour - Painting helps relieve stress. Just like adults, toddlers get stressed too. Painting is one way your child can de-stress and a healthy way to express their feelings.

🎨Toddlers learns how to express their own feelings by transforming their own ideas and feelings onto paper.

🎨Painting  provides opportunity for toddlers to experience cause and effect. While painting, your child is also experimenting and thinking like a scientist. Allow your child to mix colors together to try new combinations and explore with the paint and color.

🎨Painting can help your toddler to learn colours faster and in a more practical and fun way.

It's cost effective and you can make your own paints at home as well. 

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