Friday, February 14, 2020

Benefits of Outdoor play for toddlers

Toddlers learn and explore during outdoor play

It's so much fun watching your toddler explore outdoor play.  Bunny is extremely active and loves exploring everything around him. He loves to be alone and wants to explore things by himself.

This short video in the garden shows how he wants to explore the sea saw . He doesn't want to sit on it but wants to know how it goes up and down.  If you observe carefully he us holding a pebble in one hand. He picks up one thing from the garden that he treasures the entire time he is out and sometimes even brings it home. It may be a leaf, a flower or even a pebble.

Exploring though play helps
🌴 the toddler learn through experience
🌴develop the gross and fine motor skills
🌴improve the hand and eye coordination
🌴the toddler connect with nature and care for people and things around them
🌴Cognitive development - increased neural pathways are formed when toddlers explore their world through concrete materials

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