Friday, April 5, 2019

Fantastic Farzi Cafe

Farzi cafe is a well-known Bistro with a modern twist presenting global cuisine with an added Indian influence. Molecular gastronomy at its best without digging a hole in your pocket. It has opened a year back in Oberoi Mall Goregaon;and this 3rd outlet in Mumbai is really spacious as it can accommodate 90 people and the seating is quite comfy, the high ceiling and a hanging life size boat adds to the finesse touch.

Started off with these refreshing Mocktails – “Farzi OK’ & “Litchi Aam Panna” Both were light on flavors and well made; had no trace of excess sugar or syrup used in them. Really refreshing , just what you will want to sip on , on a hot summer day,

Appetizers : Clearly can see the culinary skill & style in play here for each dish being served!

-       Black Sesame Chicken Tikka with Sesame Ash & Mayo Dip : Welcome change to the palates from the traditional Red N Greens; succulent and juicy chicken chunks with a distinct flavor to it. Ideal way to enjoy this is to dip it with accompanying mayo and brush it over with the edible Ash. A hint of crunchy delight awaits! (Highly Recommended)
-       Tempura Fried Prawns Nimbbo Mirch Air : Deep fried battered Prawns with a crisp coating and a foaming of Lime & Chili; flavorful in each bite!
-       Tandoor Mutton Chops, Garlic Toum & Coriander Sponge : Tender mutton chops marinated to perfection and tandoored just right and served along with green chutney; easy to peel off the bone using your fork but truly relishing once you get your hands dirty on this one.  (Highly Recommended)
-       Dal Chawal Arancini served with Achar, Papad & Chutney : Presentation 10/10!! Our homely Dal & Rice styled into Arancini balls topped with mild Achar & Chutney and a roasted papad on top looking like a crown. Definitely worth trying out!
-       Guntur Chili Chicken : Oriental influence on this one; fried chicken & veggies tossed in.

Main Course : Simply spoiled for choices here!

-       Slow cooked Baby Lamb Shanks in Desi ghee served with Khasta Kulcha : The name says it all except the flavors in this were like a celebration of spices coming together. Simply put a well-cooked flavorful & tender Nalli Nihari version from the kitchen of Farzi Café for you to gorge upon.

Desserts : Things got Creative & Innovative here!

-       Parle G Cheesecake : 2 portions served; Cheesecake sandwiched between Parle-G biscuits served in a bed of milk custard with an essence of cookie dough for the additional taste. An ardent fan of unadulterated Cheesecake but kudos to Farzi Café to experiment with this one.
-       Ras Malai Tres Leches with Rose Petal Net : Hands down the best version of Ras Malai I’ve ever had and also a signature dessert of Farzi Café. From the presentation to the taste this will bowl you over. (Definitely Recommended)

Farzi translated from Persian language simply means Illusion; except Farzi Café creates a real impression on your mind with a memorable dining experience that goes far beyond great food and great service!

Overall its a fantastic dining experience and the service is prompt. I simply loved the innovation of dishes here and would surely visit again. A must visit if you like to try out something different.