Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Dazzling Deolali - Holiday time with Family

Deolali is a place that's always been and will be close to my heart.  For the simple reason, it connects me with my family. We get together and spend quality time together here.  Get the time to talk,  share our experiences,  play cards,  eat good food,  go for a midnight walk just to eat ice cream,  just be ourselves with no limitations whatsoever. 

Staying in Deolali or Nashik - There are many hotels and resorts in Nashik,  however few in Deolali. We stay at the Naterwala sanitorium ( guest house)  that is exclusively first parsis.  Just opposite is the Bahadurji Sanitorium which is spread over wide acres of land and also has an old age home for the parsis. 

Things to do - There is a lot to do while in Deolali however let me share with you what we usually do. We usually cover both places,  namely Nashik and Deolali. 

There are many places of worship to visit and the temples are beautiful and have a history behind it. 

We visit the vineyard,  sometimes it's a local one or we drive down to Sula vineyards where we can enjoy the wine tasting followed by lunch in their restaurant. 

Pandavlena caves - Please dont leave this place without visiting these caves that are on a mountain. You can read my blog for more information. 

Weather - It's a dry and cold climate and nights are really pleasant. Remember to carry one woolen wear for the nights. 

Food - We enjoy the food served to us at Ratis kitchen.  It's prepared with love and that's what makes it easier even more delicious.  This is the traditional parsi chicken dhansak,  brown rice and mutton kebabs with vegetable salad.  Enjoy it while its hot with a beer.  The best mewl combination.  Cheers and Nusejun as my mother says.  

Traveling to Deolali - You can either travel by train that stops at Deolali for 2 minutes or drive down which takes approximately 3 and a half hours to reach. 

Lush greenery, tall trees,  colorful flowers and fresh air all around.  It's like a walk in the forest.  We couldn't help taking pictures and my signature selfie with the Bogenvilia flowers started here. How I love this place and the feel of this place.  This is our fire temple which has a fire burning inside continuously. Its located inside the sanitarium. 
We always cluck loads of pictures here and this puxture with the boganvillea flowers is my signature selfie.