Friday, March 29, 2019

Theme Reveal #BlogchatterA2Z 2019

A Warm Welcome to #BlogchatterA2Z 2019!

What is AtoZ: AtoZ is a global daily blogging challenge scheduled for the month of April. As part of this challenge, you post 26 blogposts, following the alphabet, which means you have to post something every Monday through Saturday, with Sundays being break days.

Blogchatter champions this challenge in India and within our community as we think its a great opportunity for you to meet and build your reading tribe, not only through the community but internationally as well. Participants will vouch for the lasting friendships they have made through this challenge.

Theme Reveal: It is recommended, though it is not compulsory, that you have a theme that tie your 26 posts. You are more likely to finish the challenge if your posts follow a theme. Apart from that the reader is also motivated to return to your blog if they know what you will be talking about through the month.This means that everyone will be posting about their themes on their blog on 18th. It is a good way to get the excitement flowing. However you can publish your theme reveal until 31st March. 

There is no specific theme that Blogchatter gives out to us. It is completely up to us what we wish to write.

Challenge: The challenge begins on 1st April with alphabet A and the first break day will be 7th April (Sabbath day or Sunday). So get writing in advance while you still have the time.

Goodies-  If you successfully complete the challenge and post all 26 posts from A - Z and complete the activities as well you will be eligible for some cool goodies.

Facebook group: Unlike last times, this time we will be making a Facebook group for #BlogchatterA2Z. We will send you the link to the group before theme reveal so you can add yourselves in the group to not miss out on anything. So get going peeps.

My theme reveal - Ive always been a big foodie and love trying out new cuisines. Eating has taken me places and that's how I love to travel too. So I'm combining my two favourites to make a food and travel theme. Since I believe where there is travel there if food and where there is food, you need to travel lol ( I just made this up ) I'm excited and looking forward to my first blog train challenge and would like to thank my sis #SweetAnnu for this.

Let's get this blog train rolling! 

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