Sunday, March 31, 2019

Exploring Eggs in Mumbai

Love eggs? For all the egg lovers,  here is some great newsfor you.  We usually make eggs at home as an easy recipe ane quick cooking whenever hunger strikes. But read on as I have explored eggs like never before in Mumbai and would like to share my best experiences with you.  I've picked my favorites and sharing them in a random order. 

Cafe by di Belle - Yes,  it's a chain of coffee shops,  however the serve the most perfectly prepared omlettle and toast and egg on tomatoes. Try it out and enjoy the perfectly cooked eggs. 

Aromas cafe - Again a cafe,  but the eggs prepared here are cooked to perfection.  Remember to try the egg Kejriwal.  It's truly a treat for all egg lovers.  The bread is made moist with a delicious thick gravy on it.  A sunny side up is neatly placed on it and it's garnished with fried onion strips. You  will love every bite.

Birds nest
This is simple cooking for kids,  since if they enjoy the presentation,  they enjoy the food. Make  their favorite noodles and top it up with boiled eggs.  Make it appear like a birds nest. This works wonders and a healthy meal is ready in minutes.  

Egg station - Is a chain of small shops around Mumbai serving a variety of egg dishes.  They are freshly prepared and filled with flavor and taste. 

Quick and easy egg white recipe. 

Simply toss some egg whites in a little butter,  add finely chopped greens available in your fridge, add a dash of salt and pepper and serve hot with chapati or rotis.  


  1. Good creative post. Enjoyed it as much as I enjoy eggs.

  2. Really love eggs 👻 they are so good for health.