Thursday, February 7, 2019

Tao 9- An authentic pan asian restaurant

Have you been tao'd yet..... 

A total of 3 outlets for this franchise based restaurant (Chandivili & Lower Parel are delivery only), Tao 9 at Oshiwara is the only one with the option to Dine-In & delivery.


A comfy little place with a seating capacity of 16-18 people, brightly lit and hygienically well maintained with a warm welcome feel.

Recently visited for a lunch on a weekday so had the place all to ourselves.


Ordered the below listed items :


Thirst Quenchers : Made well and just the way we like!


-       Watermelon Juice

-       Thai Ice Tea


Appetizers : Things did get interesting here for my palates!


-       Non-Vegetarian Dimsum Platter : 2 piece each of Spicy Chicken/Chicken Coriander/Shrimp Har Gao was served as part of the platter. Loved all 3 types : Spicy-Shrimp-Coriander in the listed order. If you guys are Dimsum fans; call for any of these or the platter and it will not disappoint you!.


-       Chicken Basil Chili Bao : Bao is True Love and Love tastes quite good here at Tao 9. 2 piece served per plate and the Bao size is really huge, but it’s not just Quantity but Quality as well which sets this dish apart. In-house made Bao bun stuffed with oodles of chicken pieces tossed in Chili Basil sauce and added veggies makes this a perfect snack to be had. (Highly Recommended)


-       Indonesian Basa : Basa slices mixed in Sriracha/Tabasco/Pepper sauce & a touch of ketchup is the secret recipe for this flavor oozing appetizer. Do give it  try as I have not seen this appetizer served anywhere.


Mains : Spoiled for choices but decided to settle for an all-time favorite!


-       Green Thai Curry & Steam Rice : Flavorful as it can get a perfect mix of all the ingredients made this one a  semi thick gravy and went well with steamed rice. The serving of Chicken was also generous in this along with other veggies.


Desserts : Sweet ending to a perfect meal!


-       Fried Ice Cream : My first time having it and was surprised. 2 scoops of Vanilla Ice-cream coated with bread crumbs & corn flour then shallow fried to get a crispy cover, Hot on the outside and Cold inside – If that doesn’t sound interesting then what else does!


We had a wonderful experience here and will definitely visit again; especially for the Bao, Green Thai Curry & some Fried Ice Cream!


Note : The place is Zomato Gold (1+1 on Food) so that is another value for money add to an already excellent outlet!


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