Friday, January 4, 2019

Making Tuscan Chicken in minutes

I'm really fond of quick cooking and trying out new recipes so here I come with some Tuscan chicken in minutes. Its bland and not spicy at all, has the taste of pepper, garlic and a dash of fresh cream. So if you love this combination you must read this recipe and do give it a try.

Boneless chicken - 500 grams cut into slices
2 large sliced onions
2 tomatoes - pureed or grated.
1 cup Fresh cream
Maggie cube , salt and pepper
Maggie cube for preparing the chicken stock.
Garlic paste.
Basil for flavor and garnishing.

Fry the onions in olive oil till slightly brown and add the grated tomatoes or tomato puree. Add a cup of chicken stock to make a thick gravy.
Marinate the chicken with garlic paste. salt and pepper for at least half an hour . In a pan add some olive oil and fry the marinated chicken till slightly brown on both sides
Feel free to use a chicken Maggie cube instead of salt. You will love the taste. Add the cooked chicken to the tomato and onion puree and bring to a boil on a slow flame. Add fresh cream and keep stirring. Add chopped basil leaves for flavour and taste.

Serve hot with steamed rice or kus kus.
It feels like home enjoying this dish and I learnt it from my sweet SIL Googi aka Viji who believes in simple cooking with loads of pepper in every dish. Thanks Googi :)

I cant take the photo credit since I was too busy cooking and the pictures havent come out so well.

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