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“I Want To Quit Smoking, But  I don’t Know How?”

“I Want To Quit Smoking, But  I don’t Know How?” Here’s your Answer

This is one of the most frequent question a smoker asks and tells himself.
Its true that quitting smoking can be a difficult task, especially for all those who have been smoking for years. Its not only a habit but a way of life , the day starts with a cigarette and has to end with one. 

The extremely difficult task in front of someone trying to quit smoking is getting over that craving, The craving can really make your life feel like hell and you feel restless and uneasy till you pick up that cigarette. Quitting smoking needs a strong willpower and a positive frame of mind. Whenever that craving strikes, strike back. You need to fight it for a while and then it shall disappear on its own. You need to keep fighting the cravings in a positive way and distract your mind and keep it away from temptations.
Remember the end result is a healthier life and more important a longer life. Each cigarette consumed shortens your life by 10 minutes. so whats more important.

Be mentally prepared
Take some time to mentally prepare yourself, Decide on a date when you’re going to quit it Announce it to your friends and ask for their support and if possible ask them to join in as well. Mark the calendar and in advance get rid of everything that’s associated with smoking like your ashtray, lighter and cigarette packs after mints as well, all that you might have stocked. Get ready for the big day and accept this challenge as the biggest ever challenge accepted in your life.

Talk to your mind and ask it to wait

When  have a strong craving and you’re just about to give up, tell your mind to wait for just five  more minutes. In the meanwhile divert your mind elsewhere, engage yourself in another activity,  do something you enjoy, maybe download some games on your phone and play away while you are craving for a  cigarette by time those five minutes end, you must have probably forget about the craving. Motivate yourself for overcoming the craving. 

Avoid consuming alcohol and caffeine

When you’re quitting cigarettes drinking alcohol would simply aggravate your craving, since in your mind taking alcohol is associated with smoking as well. They go hand in hand, Thus avoid alcohol. Similarly drinking, coffee is also associated with a cigarette, so drop the caffeine as well. Later this can be resumed,

Nicotine replacement therapy

You should consult your doctor to learn about the anti-smoking options available. Some anti-smoking products like patches, gums or lozenges are available at the chemist over the counter, while nicotine nasal sprays are bought with a prescription. Also, there are some drugs available that help in quitting smoking like varenicline and bupropion.

Munch on something 

Munch on some candy or gum since they help you deal with cravings better. The idea is to keep your mouth busy, so that your mind has less time to think about smoking. keep your bag or pocket filled with assorted candy and every time you crave for a cigarette munch on a candy. Pop two in your mouth so your mind gets diverted.

Involve yourself in some outdoor games of physical activity

Physical activities helps in both taking your mind off the cravings.Running,  Jogging or walking has great effects. Just play some games , maybe cricket , football or simple stretch at home.

Try yoga 

Relaxation techniques like yoga, deep breathing exercises, massage and muscle relaxation are great stress busters. Practicing them on a regular basis is going to making your life easier.
“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” -Theodore Roosevelt
What’s holding us back from quitting is our beliefs that quitting smoking is impossible .Believe in your potential, and you will be successful.
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